Frozen Seafood
We carry a full line of frozen seafood products including:
Ahearn's Seafood Market
Crab Products

King Crab
16/20 (Large) 26.99 per pound

6/9 (Jumbo) per 20 lb box MP

Snow Crab
14.99 per pound

Dungeness Crab
15.99 per pound

Soft Shell Crab
6.50 each
Lobster Products

Lobster Tails
all sizes 27.50 per pound

Lobster Meat (2 pound package)
59.00 per package


PEI Mussels (2 pound bag)
7.99 per bag

New Zealand Mussels (2 pound box)
9.99 per box
Misc Products

Saku (Sushi grade tuna)
16.99 per pound

Crayfish Meat (1 pound package)
10.99 per package

Crayfish Whole Cooked (5 pound bag)
22.99 per bag

Conch (Scungilli) (7 pound box)
16.99 per pound

Smelts (1 pound bag)
7.99 per bag

Portuguese Octopus
7.99 per pound

Sea Legs (Imitation Crab Meat)
12.50 per package (2.5 pound package)

9.99 per dozen

Lobster Ravioli
14.50 per dozen
Calamari (Squid)

Tubes only 
2.5 pound package $20.63

Tubes and Tentacles
2.5 pound package $18.75

If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to ask.