Crab Cakes
$7.50 each

Salmon Cakes
$8.99 per pound

Fish Cakes
$6.99 per pound

Stuffed Flounder
$24.99 per pound

Stuffed Clams
$2.95 each

Salmon Pinwheels
$17.99 per pound

Smoked Whiting
$8.99 per pound

Clams Casino
$10.99 per pound

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna
10 Piece Plate
available daily
$15 a tray

Party Platters must be ordered in advance
30 pieces- 
40 pieces  
50 pieces 
60 pieces  
70 pieces  
Sushi grade Tuna, seared and sesame-crusted, served with seaweed salad, ginger, wasabi and soy sauces.