At Ahearn's we proudly offer a wide selection of storemade products including:


Manhattan Clam Chowder (Red)
$4.50 per pint

New England Clam Chowder (White)
$5.50 per pint

Lobster Bisque
$6.50 per pint

Maryland Crab Soup
$4.50 per pint

Crab Bisque Soup
$6.50 per pint


Macaroni and Sea Leg Salad
$3.99 per pound

Shrimp and Sea Leg Salad
$9.99 per pound

Tuna Salad
$8.49 per pound

$3.69 per pound

Herring in Sour Cream
$5.50 per pound

Herring in Wine
$5.50 per pound

Seaweed Salad
$7.99 per pound