At Ahearn's we proudly offer a wide selection of storemade products including:


Manhattan Clam Chowder (Red)
3.50 per pint

New England Clam Chowder (White)
5.50 per pint

Lobster Bisque
6.50 per pint

Maryland Crab Soup
4.50 per pint

Crab Bisque Soup
5.50 per pint


Macaroni and Sea Leg Salad
3.99 per pound

Shrimp and Sea Leg Salad
9.99 per pound

Tuna Salad
6.99 per pound

3.69 per pound

Herring in Sour Cream
5.50 per pound

Herring in Wine
5.50 per pound

Seaweed Salad (when available)
7.99 per pound

Red Potato Salad (Summer only)
4.29 per pound