Specials for March 31st
Ahearn's Seafood Market
Local Flounder
$9.99 lb

$8.99 lb

$12.99 lb

Farmed Salmon
$11.99 lb

Organic Salmon- Sushi Grade
$14.99 lb

Local Scallops
$14.99 lb

Super Trim Chicken Breast
$3.99 lb

Ground Beef
$4.89 lb

10oz Top Sirloin Steaks
$9.99 lb

Pork Loin
$3.99 lb

Live Lobsters
Up to 1.5 lb:  $8.99 lb
1.75 and up: $9.99 lb

South African KZ Lobster Tails
$26.99 lb

Clams Casino
$10.99 lb
approx 6-8 per lb

(stuffed with garlic butter)
$9.99 per dozen

Fish Cakes - Salmon Cakes - Crab Cakes
Stuffed Clams - Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Flounder - Salmon Pinwheels

Fresh East Coast Oysters

Wild Caught Shrimp!!

Local Dayboat Sea Scallops!!

and more....

*prices subject to change with market

Please note: Closed Sunday and Monday.